Thursday, June 28, 2012

Slide Guy, Kim Jong Il caught in Panmujong LOVE NEST!!!!

Sure, you thought you knew Slide Guy - a real symbol of unguarded joy, childhood pleasures, and slightly unusual socks.  BUT - EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG - DS106 Confidential knows better.  One of our ace camera guys (no names, but he is an expert in NEW MEDIA) caught deceased, former web meme Kim Jong Il and Slide guy in a secluded weekend getaway "looking at things" in a very suggestive way.

When Confidential contacted the strangely-socked meme, Slide Guy denied everything - no surprise there, he stands to lose big in footwear endorsements when this gets out.  He said "the Dear Leader and I are just good friends, we got together for some casual looking at things and it never went beyond that."  SURE SLIDE GUY!

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