Friday, June 29, 2012


He was on top, sliding everywhere - tractor tires, waterfalls, in the Andes with Bono.  It was going so well, bigger than planking, bigger than Mikey - then it all started to fall apart.  Little things at first; questions about his socks.  Then that unfortunate interview with Alan Levine where his fans saw a different Slide Guy - angry, bitter, complaining.  He might have been able to recover from that, a few charity gigs, an appearance on The View.  But fate had something else in store for Slide Guy - those photos.  Even if you're Slide Guy you don't sit on another meme's lap. 

Confidential caught up with Slide Guy recently.  We found him sitting alone in a local Chipotle, staring listlessly at a half-eaten burrito, trying unsuccessfully to catch the attention of a nearby table of laughing DTLTists.   He wouldn't talk to us at first, after all Confidential ran those photos that destroyed him.  All we could get out of him was an angry "You want to know what happened?  Really?  Why don't you take it up with him?"  We followed his glance towards a dark figure in the corner, wearing a black plaid shirt, a black toque, and big mirrored shades.

I motioned to my photographer - but the guy was too fast.  All he left behind was this:

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  1. I can't help by think Slide Guy is involved in ways we don't yet understand. The story continues to unravel though and I have no doubt in time we will have a clearer picture of what role he plays in the dark history surrounding this camp. Those socks may be white, but his intentions are not pure, I see that much now. You're doing God's work here Joe. Keep pushing.