Friday, July 6, 2012

Magic Macguffin Staff Involved in Incident at Local Cafe!!!

A local eatery was the scene of a bizarre incident yesterday according to restaurant manager Beth Turnip.  DS106Confidential reporter Ben Beets was on the scene and filed the story.   

"Beth Turnip, what happened?" I asked. 

"It was just so messed up...these two Macguffin people came in yesterday in the middle of the lunch rush..."

"How did you know they were from the camp?"

"Oh, you know, they had that look...kind of hippie, kind of European, and they were wearing those t-shirts with the logo.  They all have that look.  Just not quite right."

"Anyway, the woman was kind of out of it, it looked like she was ordering from a set of index cards - like she was following directions to order a meal.  Halfway through the line, she dropped the cards - then she just stood there, like frozen?  The guy picked them up for her but he must have mixed them up 'cause when Dave, our toppings guy asked her what she wanted, she kept insisting he put a large Sprite on her burrito.  The line was getting backed up, the DTLT people had just come in and you just don't keep those people waiting.  So the guy takes her by the arm, pays, and they head for a table.  Then - she goes by the condiments section and fills a 32 ouncer with ketchup!  Then she puts ice in it!  It was so messed up."

"Was that the end of it?" I prompted.

"No, it was not!" Beth stated.  "Other Dave, our register guy, comes over and told me the Macguffin guy had paid with some kind of weird coins. [see photo below]  I go over to the table, the woman is just sitting there with her 32 ounce cup of iced ketchup, staring into space, and the guy is texting like crazy.  I ask him what's up with the coins and he just laughs and says 'you better get used to them, you're going to be seeing lots of them before too long.'  Then he muttered something about 'toonies' or something like that and they took off."

"It was so messed up.  Those camp people are really strange."

Filed by Ben Beets

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